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Tools That Make Your Content Great With Less Effort

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Staring at your screen for long hours won't help you to write great content. Just writing content on your word document, doesn't help your content to stand out good. Content writing tools are the most important tools to be considered while you're writing the content. If you are confused about what those tools are? Here we have bought you some of the best and free content writing tools to make your content better. Here you go!


Do you get confused about spellings, punctuations, active and passive voice in your writing? Grammarly is the best tool to learn how to write better. It will help you to spot the grammars and spelling errors. Make a habit of running your text through Grammarly as it will turn you into a better writer.

You can create a free account using your email, once done with a creation click “New” to paste the text or you can also upload a new document to check the errors in the content. If there are any errors in your content, the sidebar shows the correction in green and red text. Just by clicking on the correction in the sidebar, you can fix the spelling and grammar errors.

The drawback of the tool is the free plan catches the limited mistakes; you will not see advanced corrections. The free is worth use to make your content good.


Not only writing content, make sure that your content is unique. So, how do you check your content is unique and is not copied one? The Plagiarism tool is the brilliant option to use. The most used content writing tools is ‘Small SEO Tool’; your content should be 100% unique and 0% plagiarized. 100% unique content helps your content rank in search engines and gain more visitors to your site.

Just open the tool, paste your content in the text box and click ‘Check Plagiarism’.

HubSpot Blog Idea Generator

Choosing a title for your article is the most difficult thing. Readers get attracted by seeing your topic. Now it is easy to get ideas for your blog topics. HubSpot blog idea generator helps you to create your blog topic. Just enter your keywords you want in your blog topic and the tool will suggest the titles and topics. Now, choose the great title for your blog without brainstorming too much.


This is one of the best content writing tools used by writers. If you are not familiar with Evernote, it’s a notebook where you can access on any of your devices. Save content for later use, make notes, make reminders and lot more. You access the information stored in the Evernote when you are ready to use it.

Hemingway Editor

This tool plays a major role in your content creation. Every content has its own grade, so check yours Hemingway is the best tool. Hemingway also helps you to improvise your content. You see the suggestions for your content on the right side of the screen. Hemingway also gives the option to choose what you want to do, whether to write or edit the document. If you are writing the content, you can find many options like header, bold, italic, same like your word docs. In case you choose to edit the written document, there you have a lot of options to make your content error-free.

It highlights passive voice, difficult phrases, more usage of adverbs, long and hard to read sentences. If you are good enough to clear the errors, then your content stands outstanding. The tool also displays the number of words, letters, characters, sentences, and paragraphs, in your document. You can choose online editing or you can also buy the app for your windows or Mac. Your readability tells about your writing.


When you are writing an article, word count is must thing to consider. The WordCounter online tool shows the number of words and characters in your article/content. WordCounter also has a list of features like proofread, title case, save the document, print, find & replace, undo & redo and save to drive. Another interesting feature is "talk to type" - just talk using your microphone, your text will be typed in the text area.

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