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Crush Your Competition with SEO Strategies

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Do you have a website for your business? Is your website showing on search engines? Having a website is not enough, you should build your brand through it for more bookings and popularity.

Most of us fail to stand on the first page of a search engine (let's say Google). Ranking your website will have several advantages which can be done through SEO Strategies.

Many SEO strategies help any business to increase brand awareness and also to bring profitability. If you are not aware of how these SEO strategies will help your business to bring profitability, read this complete article to understand in detail.

Ranking on search engines will have a tremendous effect on your business. As most of the travelers use their smartphones, laptops or desktops to book their dining, rooms and travel tickets. So, being a business person you have to focus on online presence for your business. For the growth and success of your business, climbing on top of the search engine is important.

Let’s take an example of hotel business.

So let me ask you a question. Why do hoteliers tie up with OTAs? A simple answer is to draw online bookings. Is there any way to generate online bookings without OTAs? Yes, SEO strategies will boost your website ranking and bring more online bookings.

This is what makes SEO important for the hotel industry. Also, SEO strategies are one of the rare marketing strategies that can help to beat your competitors.

SEO campaign

Keywords are the most important factor for SEO. Simply stuffing the keywords into the web page is not a good idea. You should know how to make the right use of them to bring out better rankings. So choosing the right keywords with amazing content is the way to the successful SEO campaign. Are you thinking about getting started with SEO for your business, but not sure how to proceed? By hiring Social Buzz you can implement all the successful SEO strategies for your business. We also help you to measure the results among your competitors.

Engaging Content

Do you know how important content is for your SEO strategies? Everyone knows "Content is King". Yes, without content no SEO plans will work. Website visitors love to read useful and interesting content. If you don't have useful information on your website, no user will sit idle on your website. Content marketing gives ranking boost plus website traffic. You can tell your hotel story, facilities available, and amenities provided in your business. Using perfect keywords while creating the content will boost search engine ranking. Make sure you write only relevant information on your website as search engines will notice your irrelevant content and put your website down.

Social Media

Did you know SEO can be performed on your social media pages? Yes, SEO optimized pages will be visible on top when a user searches for a related business. Including right keywords, content and image will help your social media pages stay on top search results. Social media marketing acts as a bridge between your business and target audience. Most of the people get business through social media marketing for hotels. Also, users go behind brands which are popular on social media. Agencies like Social Buzz makes it easy for you to create brand awareness through social media. Definitely, it will differentiate you from your competitors.


SEO is also much cost-effective compared to traditional forms of advertising. Without spending too much you can make your brand popular. Also, these days most travelers use a web search to plan their stays. Traditional advertisements are restricted to a single location whereas SEO results will be visible to the entire targeted location. Compared to traditional advertisements, Online SEO strategies are best to choose for any business.

So get ready to crush your competitor and earn more online bookings through SEO strategies. But one thing to remember is that any SEO strategies need a proper strategy as the competition is high on the internet. If you are new to this online marketing, we suggest you to hire a top digital marketing agency like Social Buzz.

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