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The Biggest Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Every year digital marketing is creating its own trend to adapt to new technology changes. These changes will affect the strategies of the marketers throughout the year. So, it is required to move along with the new marketing trends for a successful business. Here, we illustrate some of the major marketing trends that help you stay on top of this ever-evolving journey.


Artificial Intelligence

The influence of Artificial intelligence into marketing is growing. It is said that the use of AI among marketers will increase in the next two years for improved ad targets. Artificial Intelligence can be used to analyze contextual data, and optimize images, for intent advertising. It also helps to understand the buyer persona and create creative ads for better user experience.

Growing Video Ads

People spend many hours watching videos on smartphones, so video ads will have high reachability. In 2019, video ads are expected to account 85% of total internet traffic. In 2018, the highest ad impressions on Instagram are the result of video content and this will increase even in 2019. Video ads can accelerate video ads on various media like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. This should be part of every marketing trends in 2020.

Voice Activated Search

Voice search is gaining popularity at a very rapid rate. Most of the smartphone users use voice search as it feels difficult to type long sentences. It is expected that 50% of the search will be a voice by 2020. So marketers should be ready for voice-activated search advertising. The user interfaces like Alexa, Google Home, Siri, Bigsby, will become vital for marketers.

In-App Ads

Most of the phone users use messaging apps to communicate. It is said in recent days, marketers are using messengers to display their ads. Facebook messenger and WhatsApp Messenger are the most used media for targeting consumers. Advertisers can start experimenting with this new technique to increase the conversion rates and engage with users.

Personalized Ads

Based on the user interests of the consumers, you can create personalized content, products, emails and much more. This can be done easily by using data like purchase history, search history, and consumer behavior. Personalized ads trigger consumers and also creates a bond between consumer & marketer.

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